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Winetasting Italia

We have two locations to choose from for our wine-lovers. Italia.
Our first option is a winery at the foot of the Mountain Vesuvius, few minutes away from Pompei and Hercolaneum. 

This is the perfect solution for those who want to have a quicker and very affordable experience between the visit of Pompei and Mountain Vesuvius for example. The visit includes 3 course meal with pairing of wines.
The second option is more articulate, it is a longer experience in a family run winery nearby Ravello's area. This last farm extends over about eight and a half hectares and produces wines using vines that are 300 to 500 years old. These vines grew so old because of the acidity of the soil, the bacteria called phylloxera, which during the 18th century killed the 90% of the vines in Europe, do not survive in the area.
During the visit you will go through the ancient vinyard, the old cellar still working.
The winetasting has 4 courses with pairing vines from their reserve. 

500 years old vine
grapes are ready to be pressed
enjoying the shade of the vines
winetasting cheeses
golden drops
origina wine cellar
red grapes tintore
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