Due the lack of data, there are many facts about this little village that have

been handed down from generation and became myths and legends.

Like one of the theories about the origin of the name, our favourite, that tells about Poseidon in love with the nymph Pasitea founded the village to please her.

Or the legend about the arrival of the byzantin picture of the Holy Mary in the main church.

One of the most famous is the myth of the sirens, who lived on the little islands in front of Positano.

We know for sure that Positano was already known to the Roman, nearly 2000 years ago. The church lays above the ruins of a Roman villa, that recently have been open to pubblic. The main activity at the time may have been fishing and the production of flour, some of that was shipped to Capri per order of the imperor Tiberio.

After the fall of the roman empire, the village and the surrounding area have been mostly indipendent. Due the lack of protection, the Saraceni, from the Southern part of the Meditterranean sea, became often undesired visitors of the coast, plundering the coastal towns of the Amalfi area. The locals then decided to built villages on the top of the montain above, where they went to find shelter during those attacks.


During your tour you will have to possibility to admire the coastline and swim in the beautiful water if you choose one of our boat tour, or experience the breathtaking Amalfi Coast drive if you pick a car tour instead. In both cases you will explore the center of town, the shops and the many restaurants.

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