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Pompei Italia

The city was buried in the 79 A.D. from the eruption of the Mountain Vesuvius. The residents had no idea to live nearby a vulcano,infact the previous eruption had happened hundreds of years before Pompei was founded. Italia.

The city was a very important trading center for the Roman Empire. The large amount of retrovaments, the plaster bodies, the frescos, the villas, give the archeologists enough information to have a vivid picture of the life style and routines in Pompei. This is probaby the largest archeological site in the world, you could easily spend three days exploring it. But the visit of the ruins is not just about to watch what is left of a Roman metropoli. There is so much more to know about the commerce, the restaurants, the "entertainments", the life in general in Pompei was much closer to our modern way to live of what we think. A tour guide is definitely the best way to get the most out of your time there. We always suggest to have a private tour guide or a shared one to lead your experience to a total different level.

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