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Ravello Italia

Like all the others villages on the mountains of the Amalfi Coast was founded around the 5th century as shelter to the inhabitants of Amalfi during the attacks of the Saraceni. This people, coming from the East part of the Mediterranean sea, crossed often the ocean to plunder the coastal towns. Italia.

At the time Ravello main product was wool, imported to Sicily, North Africa and Spain thank to the vicinity and the power of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi, which had the monopoly of the trading with the east.
By the 12th century Ravello had 25000 inhabitants, including the majority of the Mercantile nobility families, the Rufolo, the d'Aflitto, the Confalone.
When the Duchy of Amalfi was distroyed by the second attack from the repubblic of Pisa, these families moved to Kingdom of Naples. This set a demographic and economic declin of Amalfi and the surrounding villages.
Centuries after Ravello became the favorite destination for artists, musicians, and writers. This is where Richard Wagner, during his stay in 1880 wrote his famous opera Parsifal.
The main site are the Cathedral in the main square, Villa Rufolo, Villa Cimbrone and the church of San Giovanni del Toro and The small church of Santa Maria a Gradillo.

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Church of Santa Maria al Gradillo Ravell
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Villa Cimbrone Ravello.jpg
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